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Every financial services organization needs a proactive and comprehensive e-business strategy. Executives face the challenge of creating the next generation of financial services offerings: online advice tools, mobile banking, social computing, and more. Resources must also be allocated to Intranets and Extranets and integrating e-business functionality into legacy applications.

VMS can help make your e-business strategy a success in several ways. The ability to design a robust, distributed architecture. Best practices to ensure data integrity and security. The design of intuitive user-focused applications and web sites. Our professionals understand the latest technologies and how to use them for e-business advantage.

Services include:

  • E-business/E-commerce strategy
  • Intranet architecture
  • Extranet architecture
  • Information portals
  • Web design/content
  • Web-enabling legacy systems
  • Web transactions
  • Internet data security
  • Personalization & CRM

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