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M&A Integration & Due Diligence

VMS has a proven track record with M&A Integration and Due Diligence services and this is one of our core competencies.

The VMS team provides the project planning, management of the work-stream team, and manages all aspects of the integration including:

  • People
  • Process
  • Products
  • Technology
  • Facilities

Due Diligence

VMS has participated in dozens of Due Diligence exercises for our clients for mergers, acquisitions, divestures, and auctions.

We are often hired to manage the Program Office for the Due Diligence team preparing a project plan, reviewing material in the electronic data room and visiting the site of the target company being acquired.

Our team is leveraged for their expertise with clearly defined goals to measure results.  The VMS team provides dedicated resources to ensure a successful and timely integration.

Services Include:

  • Development of Architecture of the Future State of the New Business Entity
  • Program Management
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Technology
  • Subject matter expertise (Securities Transfer, Stock Options, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, Trust Companies, Funds, Broker- Dealers, Registered Investment Advisers, Banks)
  • Identify End State of the New Business Entity post integration
  • Identification of Technology to be retired
  • Identification & Tracking of Cost synergies


When a deal is announced, there are redundant People, Process, Products, Technology and Facilities. VMS is hired as an objective business partner with no bias;the goal is to recommend best practices for the new organization.

Services Include:

  • Manage and/or supplement the Program Management Office
  • Share Lessons Learned from prior integration projects
  • Identify platforms to be eliminated
  • Identify feature/function gaps to be remediated on the surviving platform
  • Design an orderly methodology for the conversion of accounts
  • Develop a Conversion Plan of accounts to convert from the platform being retired to the surviving platform
  • Develop a Conversion Playbook of tasks, owners, schedule to ensure a successful weekend conversion
  • Develop, Manage and Staff a 24-hour Conversion Command Center
  • Prepare and present periodic integration updates to the executive management team and provide synergy tracking