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James Inzerillo

Managing Director, Product Development

James Inzerillo has over 40 years of leadership experience within financial services. He interacts with C-level executives to present unique ideas that transform business models.

James is known for utilizing existing assets to improve revenues and delivering better-than-expected returns on investment and equity.  James is a leader with the product and innovation skills to create solutions that disrupt existing markets.

James is able to analyze situations and provide solutions for achieving the desired results. Examples of his successes include making a company more competitive and profitable, and improving the operation of a government agency.

James began his career as a client services executive with Manufacturers Hanover Trust (MHT), Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, and JP Morgan. He instituted procedures and training measures for proper execution of daily settlement confirmation and processing for all dollar and foreign currency derivative settlements.

During the Iran Hostage Crisis, he researched and distributed key data that led to the recovery of $188 million in principal, interest and funding costs, which played a key role in resolving the crisis.

As Chief Operating Officer of the largest offshore branch of MHT, James managed the automation of operating areas to significantly improve profitability. At JP Morgan, James was a leader in the anti-money laundering (AML) department and helped the company reduce its exposure to violations, resulting in large cost savings.

Along with his financial and compliance background, James served with the United States Commerce Department Bureau of the Census and currently serves as a New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Monitor. He also brings his wealth of knowledge as a Sarbanes-Oxley consultant, and at the AML360, and Uncommon Goods enterprises.

James has also helped children in grades three to twelve to reach their maximum potential as a math, English, and reading tutor for Champion Learning. In addition, he automated all record-keeping of student achievements in compliance with the No Child Left Behind Act.

Education: James has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Brooklyn College.