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VMS LLC and Sustainable Compliance Strategies, LLC™ are pleased to announce their strategic alliancein support of operational excellence and safety and soundness for the financial services industry. The alliance adds a Compliance Offering to VMS’s specialized portfolio of consulting services for financial services firms worldwide. The VMS website www.vmsconsulting.com has been redesigned to showcase the full suite of offerings made possible by the alliance.

Separately, each company is owned by an executive team with a reputation for excellence and integrity in the financial services industry. Together through the alliance they operate an enhanced VMS organization that continues the message:You’ve found a partner offering strength and substance in financial services consulting – particularly given the ever-changing regulatory landscape and ever-increasing reputation risk. Together through the alliance, financial services firms – including those entering into or operating in the CryptoCurrency and/or Blockchain  space will find individualized strategies to achieve operational excellence.

“Safe and Sound” www.complycultureblog.com, the compliance, ethics, and risk management blog previously offered by Sustainable Compliance Strategies, can now be found on the redesigned VMS website. The blog posts provide best practices for compliance, ethics, and risk management, along with guidance concerning the most effective ways to remediate any deficiencies in a sustainable manner that minimizes reputation and regulatory risk.

Of the benefits of the alliance to financial services companies, Ellen McCarthy said, “Every organization needs a strategic program to remediate deficiencies found by regulators and/or auditors and minimize reputation risk. Every organization needs a risk management framework that is solid, yet flexible enough to keep up with regulatory developments and/or changes in the way the company does business. Most importantly, all organizations need a culture of ethics and compliance that is credible, top down and bottom up: a culture that is steeped in trust.
Let’s take this journey together, exploring best practices that can elevate YOUR organization!”

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of Ellen McCarthy to VMS as Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer. In addition to Ellen we have invested in best of class talent in the Compliance Services space,” said Vincent Scilla, CEO of VMS LLC.

“As new technologies are implemented around the world, current regulations are no longer effective to ensure safety and soundness. One example of this was when drones became accessible to consumers, the FAA and other regulatory agencies around the world were required to create new regulations.

Our decision to offer Compliance Services is a result of requests from our clients particularly in the areas of:

• Privacy
• Data Breaches
• Blockchain
• CryptoCurrency
• Security Tokens

Many private companies and start-ups are creating disruptive business models. They need expert Compliance Services to navigate through the rapid and necessary changes in regulations to ensure safety and soundness.”

For more information, visit www.vmsconsulting.com.